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Culture | April 30, 2018

STROKE – The 10th year

Discover the unique partnership between Cadillac and STROKE for the Art Fairs 10th year of existence and experience new contemporary art like never before.

Culture | October 5, 2017

A daring portrait - Niels de Jong

Cadillac has teamed up with Dutch multidisciplinary artist Niels de Jong for a special workshop at Cadillac House Munich. During this “Character Portrait Painting” workshop, he shared his design tips on how to create and design your very own character in the artist’s distinctive style.

Culture | October 2, 2017

The Art of Daring - STROKE

After their successful cooperation during “STROKE, a daring preview” at Cadillac House Munich, Cadillac and STROKE have teamed up once again to create a one of a kind experience at this year’s art fair, including a VIP shuttle service and a number of exclusive events.

Culture | March 6, 2017

Get Your Culture On During NYFW: Men’s 2017

No one can argue that New York’s reputation as a high-end lifestyle-crazed international city precedes itself.

Culture | October 28, 2016

Driven by Passion: Iceland

Driven by passion: Inspired by Hafdis Jonsdottir, Black Tomato and the Cadillac XT5 take a breathtaking journey through Iceland

Culture | October 13, 2016

Driven by Passion: The XT5 explores Mexico | Dare Greatly

Driven by passion: Inspired by Josefina Larrain Lagos, Black Tomato and the Cadillac XT5 takes a breathtaking journey through Mexico.

Culture | September 4, 2016

Driven by Passion: Dubai

Watch the fourth installment in the video series inspired by the Cadillac XT5 where we discover the architectural creations of Dubai’s Rayna Ani.