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At Cadillac, we are passionate about innovation, technology and thought leadership. About ideas that drive us, and bring our society to the next level. This year Cadillac teamed up with the WORLDWEBFORUM – as a supporting partner – to assist in transforming the future.

In order to be an innovator in today’s ever-changing business world you need to put truth and vision out there, you need to face the whims of trends succeeding themselves. Simply put, you need to embody daring – for a better future. And as Switzerland’s largest business conference on digitization, the WORLDWEBFORUM also embodies daring – with the aim of inspiring participants to look far beyond their own horizons and existing business models.

Innovative entrepreneurs such as Bruce Dickinson, businessman, pilot and lead singer of Iron Maiden, top-class managers such as Terry von Bibra, General Manager Europe of Alibaba, China’s largest IT group of companies and courageous investors such as Nancy Pfund, one of the first investors in Tesla, gave themselves a go at the sold-out WORLDWEBFORUM – or rather the mouse.

The conference took place in Zurich on 18th and 19th January, 2018. During those two days, top-class entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley and around the globe and Federal Councilor Johann Schneider-Ammann, Swiss businessman and politician, appeared at the WORLDWEBFORUM in front of more than 1’500 guests. This years theme was “End of Nation”, with one powerful question at the core of the discussion:

How can the advantages of a networked world take humanity to the next level?

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“More than 80 percent of the gross national product in continental Europe is generated within the old economy. This is a time bomb!”, says Fabian Hediger, CEO and founder of the WORLDWEBFORUM.

Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are the most powerful companies worldwide. They are driving economic globalization forward, and are admired for doing so. Europe, however, is fighting these Internet pioneers politically because they do not play by the existing rules of nation states. Instead, those companies wreck the existing order and aim at building something new in its place. However, there is much to learn from these disruptive companies:

What can an enterprise do in the future not only to emulate the powerful, but to actively play in this league?

A quarter of humanity is already registered on Facebook, the largest global network. Two billion people are connected and communicate without borders. And the same holds true for the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based. They are in the process of making the existing rules of monetary policy and monetary protection superfluous.

Never before have private companies and their founders had so much money and resources to directly enforce their interests. Thus, they now have the power to compete, challenge and supersede the state and its institutions.

Those are among the fundamental questions that this year’s speakers of the WORLDWEBFORUM addressed.

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