Johan de Nysschen: 2016 State of the Union

To Cadillac devotees and the soon-to-be inspired.

It has been little over a year since I spoke with you about a resurgent Cadillac that we continue to build together as a team—the high ideals and hopes we have, the challenges we have set for ourselves and the promises we are making to the world.

We promised to revolutionize and elevate our product portfolio, build an unmatched collection of vehicles and set a new standard of excellence for Cadillac and the industry at large. We committed to rallying around the Cadillac name and its deep, resonant legacy. We said we would reinvent and refocus across all aspects of the organization.  We drew a line in the sand and said, “we are writing the next chapter in the history of Cadillac and it’s going to be the best one yet.”

There were skeptics who dismissed our aspirations as unrealistic. There still are. A transformation of this magnitude does not happen overnight. But one year on, the time is right to ask: how have we done?

My answer—I am proud to say—is that there is good news on all fronts.
First, solid evidence of progress: a brace of stirring new models—ATS-V and CTS-V have upset the pecking order in the domain of premium sport sedans and coupes. These soul-stirring performance cars were followed by the CT6 and the XT5—contemporary standard-bearers for the Cadillac brand. These newcomers—the first of eleven product actions to be realized by decade’s end—are the manifestation of the Dare Greatly promise.  In them you may define the direction in which we are moving.

Verb: to challenge, venture, risk; way to engage in even
the most difficult tasks, to question existing rules.

Noun: (to have the) courage to explore new routes; the confidence to
overcome resistance; the boldness to strive for great achievements

Stay intouch with Cadillac

These cars do not launch in isolation. They’re backed by a campaign celebrating those who persevere in the face of skepticism; those who refuse to blindly follow accepted wisdom. In visionaries like these, we see not just a reflection of ourselves, but our growing Cadillac family—among whose daring number we sincerely hope to include you.
Daring also has a new home. Cadillac has firmly positioned itself in the downtown luxury scape of New York City.

The reinvention of Cadillac is well underway. The signs are positive—testament to the vision, commitment, motivation and talent found in this company. We are on the right path. A more relevant role for the premium automaker in today’s society awaits, as we exhibit the courage of our conviction and continue to Dare Greatly.

Thank you.

Johan de Nysschen



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