The Dare Greatly Award – Challenging the Status Quo

Cadillac is passionate about innovations and design that drive the world forward, whether they come from artists, entrepreneurs or businesses. To honour those who shape the future and represent a standard for excellence, Cadillac has created the “Dare Greatly Award”.

To be an innovator in today’s volatile advertising industry is to embody daring. It is to put truth and vision out in the world, to face the whims of changing trends. This year Cadillac and the Art Directors Club have launched the “Dare Greatly Award” to honour those who are ambitious, passionate and daring in the field of advertising. Dare Greatly stands for a forward-looking curation of progressive culture, tireless creativity and innovations that move us forward. Überground has ventured to the farthest extent of their creativity and fully embody this ethos. Founded by Jo Marie Farwick in September 2015, the ADC Rookie Agency of the Year 2017 had the highest ranking among the young agencies in last year’s ADC creative ranking.

"With the passion that Cadillac embodies, we want to inspire other passionate people and encourage them to make their dreams come true."
Felix Weller, Vice President Cadillac Europe
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The Dare Greatly Award.

The “Dare Greatly Award” is for innovators, creators and pioneers who are trailblazing in marketing and advertising, and therefore represent the best of those who challenge the status quo. Überground was honoured at the “ADC Night of Honour” on February 23rd at the Museum Communications Berlin, where they also received a Cadillac ATS-V for their determination and ingenuity. The ATS-V embodies what it means to Dare Greatly: to push the boundaries of automotive design, and to continue our legacy of building vehicles that deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and performance.

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