Your City By Night In The CTS-V Carbon Black

Unparalleled performance just got a striking new look. We introduce the all-new Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Edition: the proverbial metal-meets-symphonic music prodigy of the road. Enigmatic, yet definitive design elements convey a not-so-subtle sophistication that brings more than a bit of show to the road.

With its V-Series Black Chrome accented grille signaling intent, its dark After Midnight finish wheels, intensity, a new look on an already impeccable sport automaton surely does make all the difference. However, if the CTS-V’s proven track record is anything to go by, this 0-100km/h in 3,7 seconds Super Sedan has much more going for it than just a sleek, new appearance.

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Introducing the first-ever V-Series Black Chrome accented grille alongside After Midnight dark 19” wheels.
Featuring a prominent, exposed carbon fiber rear spoiler.
Introducing the first-ever V-Series Black Chrome accented grille alongside After Midnight dark 19” wheels.
Featuring a prominent, exposed carbon fiber rear spoiler.

In the 115-year Cadillac history, there’s never been a more powerful street legal model than this high-performance sedan. Cadillac’s aggressive, but precise design philosophy is expertly expressed in the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition’s distinct and darker exterior features and its sportier interior ones.

This third generation V-Series Sedan represents the pinnacle of Cadillac’s performance design. Built as a confident track performer, the CTS-V easily takes charge of the road with a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine. Responsive, seamless shifting is made possible with an 8-speed automatic transmission enhanced by Performance Algorithm Shifting for improved lap times. For a truly hands-on experience, switch to manual control by tapping the steering wheel-mounted magnesium paddle shifters. However, be prepared for the speed the CTS-V’s relentless power yields: its impressive 649hp and 855Nm of torque will push you from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds.

Taking to an empty, open road will truly bring these mind-blowing specifications to life. Why not trade in a day’s racetrack shenanigans for a spin in your own backyard? Rediscover and roam the deserted streets of your own city in the early morning hours in the Cadillac CTS-V Carbon Black Edition. Effortlessly navigating through your home turf at this hour in the CTS-V can kinda feel like being in your own movie. All your senses – enhanced – engaged. In your mind’s eye you’ll glance across the lonely streets from the calm, plush, and low-gloss-carbon-fiber-trim cockpit of the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition, singling out scenes that normally appear vibrant with industry. Cold and darkened, they’ll now be devoid of any signs of life. Iconic landmark buildings will seem stripped of their real-world relevance. Despite a sense of desolation permeating the city, driving in the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition will feel familiar, yet exhilarating.

As you continue your night-time city drive, you’re feeling an inspired energy well up inside of you. Taking hold of the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition’s sueded microfiber steering wheel, you give in to the temptation to open up a little throttle. Go with your gut feeling, they say. Feeling the supreme support of its sporty RECARO® V-Series front seats, you let the supercharged engine’s strong pull lull you into submission. All that came before dissolves into oblivion and the immediacy of the moment forms a shield against the wavering shadows of the spellbound night.

You succinctly navigate a back road route with a lot of uneven interactions from one street to another but soon your nearest Autobahn onramp looms like a timed, must-be-conquered benchmark in your mind’s eye. You hit the apex of the hairpin bend and shoot forward with brutal speed to swiftly change lanes after checking your blind spot. Free to really open up, you proceed to give it proper stick on the wide and dimly lit lamp-posted road.  Within a few short kilometres, you become completely in sync with the CTS-V. It’s all becoming second nature and things are slowing down. The further ahead you’re looking – and you’re always looking far ahead – the more a contrasting sense of chaos and calmness, emerge.

As the familiar silhouette of your city’s industrial complexes slip past you, you relax into the drive and surrender to the road. Feeling anchored in your cockpit, you relish in the controlled freedom off flying along the fast lane. With its aerodynamics-enhancing carbon fiber front splitter and hood vent, this Super Sedan is designed to win. An extra aero, exposed rear spoiler – custom-built for the Carbon Black Edition – rounds off its overall composition of balanced, but big power.

The Central Business District exit is soon in view and on the spur of the moment you decide to take it. Massive six piston front and four piston rear Brembo® brakes make clean and smooth braking feel effortless. As you roll in, the exhaust’s throaty, intoxicating rasp is doubly amplified against the stark and silent cityscape.

You arrive at an intersection that’s usually associated with stressful traffic, but right now its interlocking grid looks more like a giant, abandoned abacus. As the light turns green, you test the CTS-V Carbon Black’s acceleration out of the starting blocks before you disappear into the snaked shadows of the underpass. Temporarily suspended between negative spaces, you slow down before entering the green fluorescent-skirted tunnel into town. You want to just get on it, but back off with the self-discipline of a pro. Instead you revel in feeling the engine’s rumble reverberate through your body. Entering the tunnel, time itself seems to come to a standstill. With it, an almost inexpressible sense of joy and total abandon. Now you step on it. Hard. Besides the CTS-V’s sound bouncing off the tunnel walls, all is eerily dead silent.

Emerging from the tunnel, you feel an irrational, sobering wave of relief when you start to recognise familiar sights of the Central Business District. You snake your way further afield on the often-stomped upon day-time territory now turned hunting ground in search of your favourite spots. Without their colour and bustle, their meaning seems deferred until daybreak. Navigating town is but a pleasure in the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition with its 8-speed automatic transmission and responsive shifting. But you’re in the mood for manual. The CTS-V’s steering-wheel mounted magnesium paddle shifters let you pander to your own mood. You find your way through empty streets, feeling like the last person on earth. Your eyes seem freshly opened – for new possibilities? Maybe new ways of seeing. As dawn starts to break, you start making your way home. Somehow, everything looks the same, but different. In the CTS-V Carbon Black Edition, you have conquered your city – by night.

Sometimes all it takes is a spontaneous move – maybe an early morning drive – in your CTS-V Carbon Black Edition – to jolt and send your senses into overdrive. There’s a certain calmness to it because you’re not really thinking about anything else. At the same time, you’re exerted, you’re excited, you’re exhilarated. And by the time you’re done, you’re probably exhausted. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely do it again soon!

The Carbon Black package will also be available on all ATS and CTS models

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