The Art of Daring - STROKE

After their successful cooperation during “STROKE, a daring preview” at Cadillac House Munich, Cadillac and STROKE have teamed up once again to create a one of a kind experience at this year’s art fair, including a VIP shuttle service and a number of exclusive events. STROKE will open its doors at the Alte Zündapphalle in Munich’s Werksviertel from October 4 – October 8, 2017.

As Germany’s most successful art fair for young, contemporary art, STROKE has set itself the task of showing a multitude of different stylistic trends and, above all, the diversity of young artistic expressions beyond the establishment from around the world.

In the last seven years, more than 180.000 visitors have attended the art fair that yearly takes place in Munich. Like no other fair, STROKE has since then managed to combine both the intellectual and qualitative approach of a serious art fair with the unique and creative approach of a new generation of exceptional artists.

The Art of Dining

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, a selected number of 30 guests will have the opportunity to experience contemporary art like never before. An exclusive guided tour through the exhibition led by Marco Schwalbe, the managing director of STROKE art fair, will start off the evening. Afterwards, a unique dinner awaits the guests – with the dinner table being situated right in the middle of the exhibition space and a culinary concept inspired by street food trends from New York City.

The Cadillac Art Car

During his live painting session at Cadillac House Munich, artist Kevin Lüdicke turned a specially coated Cadillac Escalade into his very own canvas, thereby creating a unique piece of art – on wheels. During STROKE art fair, Kevin will now finalize his work supported by various other artists from different stylistic directions; all brought together by one character trait: their courage to dare, to take a stand, and to risk something.

A daring preview revisited

The Cadillac Booth in the midst of the exhibition includes an additional curated selection of art pieces from artists that partook in the previous exhibition “STROKE, a daring preview” at Cadillac House Munich.

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