My Munich: Klaus St. Rainer

German entrepreneur Klaus St. Rainer and the Cadillac CT6 have teamed up and take you on a journey behind the scenes of the life of the legendary Munich bartender. Experience his unique spirit and get to know the Bavarian metropolis from a new perspective.

One of Munich’s finest

A revelation. That is how the internationally renowned bartender and owner of the famous “Goldene Bar” in Munich, Klaus St. Rainer, describes his first contact with gastronomy.

When he was just 13 years old, he got his first job as an intern at the “Bayerischer Hof”. From that moment on, school was only secondary. Klaus had irrevocably fallen in love with gastronomy. A love affair that still lasts till today.

At the age of 20, he decided that it was time for a change. As ambitious and talented, as he is, he was always looking for a new challenge. That’s when Klaus first came across the “American Bartender School”, run by the famous Ralph Diehl. His new love for the art of mixing was from now on to determine his path of life – a path that included seven years of working for bartender legend Charles Schumann.

The perfect cocktail

In 2010, Karl took a daring step and opened up his very own bar at the “Haus der Kunst”. In 2013, St. Rainer’s “Goldene Bar” was awarded as the “best bar of the year” at the Mixology Bar Awards, thus honoring Karl’s dedication to quality and his thirst for creating the perfect cocktail. While he relies on classic tools and techniques, he roams free in his choice of ingredients to develop new and fresh tastes. Besides that, the all-rounder also found time to summarize his 25 years of experience in his first book “Cocktails: The art of mixing perfect drinks”, and to design his own line of handcrafted solid bar tools. But it was all worth the effort. Nowadays, the “Goldene Bar” is one of Munich’s hotspots and the place to be, when it comes to the best cocktails in town. (

Cutting loose

For Klaus St. Rainer, work does not only mean spending seven days a week in the “Goldene Bar”, but also to cultivate his many contacts in the Bavarian capital, to talk about new business concepts and to find creative energy – as for example at Bash Barbery in Munich’s Maxvorstadt, with his friend and trusted barber. (

Thanks to its powerful 3.0L-V6 Twin Turbo engine with 307 kW (417 hp), the Cadillac CT6 effortlessly climbs the driveway to Klaus’s next stop, the Boxwerk, where its owner Nick Trachte already awaits him at the entrance. The Boxwerk is a real Munich institution, and so much more than just a gym. It is a lifestyle. (

"Top gastronomy needs dedication,
passion and sacrifice."

Shaken, not stirred

Klaus next stop, Werkstatt München, is located in the Glockenbachviertel. Here, Klaus St. Rainer’s own collection of gilded cocktail shakers and bar accessories was created in close collaboration with Klaus Lohmeyer, the founder of the Werkstatt München, and his team. The collection stands in sharp contrast to what otherwise characterizes the down-to-earth 1860 Munich fan, who privately prefers to keep things simple. Klaus St. Rainer cannot be pressed into a certain form; he makes the best of both worlds. And it is precisely this oppositeness that makes up his very special charm.

Black is the new black

Black walls, colorful chairs, great drinks and graffiti as far as the eye can see. That is Riffraff in a nutshell, a newly opened bar in Giesing, a working-class district in the southeast of Munich. Here, Klaus finds exactly the entrepreneurial spirit that inspires him again and again to new business ideas. Apart from all the work, he never loses sight of the interpersonal, because for Klaus, it is just these special moments with friends and business partners that provide him with ever-new energy and creatively inspire him.

Local by heart

Steered by his creative mind, Karl is always on the lookout for just the right products that would underline and accent the style of the “Goldene Bar”; it’s so unique that it deserved nothing less than its own product range. So it’s no surprise that the all-round talent and his team – or as he says “Screw Crew” – collaborated with local beverage producer Aqua Monaco to work on a special project: make the best tonic water in town. Together, they created the Golden Monaco, an extremely dry tonic water with less sugar and more quinine than regular tonic water. (

A streetcar named desire

Karl’s last destination, the Bar Sehnsucht, is a favorite amongst students. Here, you won’t find any fancy cocktails but numerous bra’s hanging from the ceiling – a rather unusual decoration. Therefore, Bar Sehnsucht is not one of Munich’s typical chic locations, just like Karl St. Rainer is not your typical Munich guy. A perfect fit. (

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