Letters to Andy Warhol

Background: Cadillac and Andy Warhol

Since the early 1960s, countless exhibitions and publications have examined the many aspects of Andy Warhol’s career, persona and psyche. Yet, despite his status as a household name, Warhol preferred, in his words, “to remain a mystery.” Cars are among the comparatively unknown and unexamined subjects of Warhol’s diverse, vast body of work.

Warhol’s cars never became as instantly recognizable as his signature images of American consumer products and celebrities. Nevertheless, he periodically returned to the depiction of automotive vehicles in works throughout his career from the 1940s until his death in 1987, examining their place in popular culture and the American mind.

As the new official automotive sponsor of The Andy Warhol Museum, Cadillac is proud to support and celebrate the persistence, self-belief and optimism that led to Warhol’s creative accomplishments. Often depicted as one of the iconic American brands in his works, the shared history of innovation and daring entrepreneurship makes this a fitting partnership.


Upcoming Exhibits

Munich: July 14 – August 06 2017
Dubai: December 2017

Previous Exhibits

New York – Cadillac House, November 15-Dec 16
LA – 101/Exhibit, January 13-22
Miami – Palm Court, February 3-12

The Exhibit

Letters to Andy Warhol

Letters to Andy Warhol uncovers five rarely seen letters from the archives of the Andy Warhol Museum showcasing his intimate connection to the worlds of fashion, music, media, art and celebrity. Using these letters, six modern-day creators examined their own connection to Warhol’s legacy. Additionally, five artworks from different periods in Warhol’s career that overtly feature Cadillac will be on display. Each one underscores Warhol’s love of iconic American brands and his pursuit to capture a portrait of America.

The Artists

Discover the six contemporary creators who were asked to examine their connection to Andy Warhol and produce a unique work of art that reflects it.

This installation is based on the rejection letter from the MoMA, denying Andy Warhol’s (now famous) shoe drawing from the Museum. With hindsight, we can see that even verified institutes of expertise may not always know a good thing when they see it. This letter also tells the story of Andy and Cadillac’s shared values, including optimism, boldness, self-belief, and risk-taking.

This story is brought to life through an illustrated children’s book. Together with JJ Martin and illustrations by Brian Atwood, we will tell this story of rejection and redemption. Although written for children, the elegance in the illustrations and inspiration of the story will encourage guests of all ages to enjoy the narrative and allude to the irreverence so often found in Andy’s drawings and subject matter.

As documented in a letter from 1964, Andy Warhol authorized the NY State Dept of Public Works to paint over his mural, 13 Most Wanted Men, on the New York State Pavilion. A recreation of this experience consists of a photo booth display that is periodically “erased” right in front of the viewer’s eyes. A photo booth will take digital photos of guests, which they can immediately post to social. The images will also be projected in a randomized order onto a life-sized thin canvas display. Visitors will wait to see their image appear as the back end software “erases” the displayed images at predetermined intervals and replaces them with a new set.

Inspired by the Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” 1969 album cover that Warhol designed, guests will become the “artist” by entering a VR drawing station to create their live art as they listen to Sean Lennon’s “Love and Warhol” track. Bystanders will watch the creations on mounted monitors, and the “artists” will have the chance to share experience on nearby tablets.

Chiara Clemente | “Screen stories” short film

This short film inspired by Warhol’s fan letters to Capote will revolve around the idea that “everyone starts somewhere” and will touch on the themes of persistence, determination, ambition and what it takes to get to the place of your dreams. Through intimate and revealing conversations with world-renowned individuals, viewers will gain perspective about what drove Warhol.

Directed by Chiara Clemente, the film features industry leaders who were connected to Warhol and have success stories of their own, or current cultural icons with compelling and dynamic stories.

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